Sufferers understand the importance of mental health. So do we and you.

Prioritize, challenge and understand how to deal yourself and stand strong every single day.

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Mental health is your first success. Let's ignite the potential

We as a team of counsellors, want to do one thing: Help You. Hereby creating an emotional lifestyle for you.


Is mirror your best friend? Personally curate techniques and suggestions for self-help and determine the potential in you.

Personal Care

Imperfection to constant wellbeing.
We stay with you.


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Employers wellbeing with curated personalized workshops.

Educational Organizations

Support Students emotionally through our expert counsellors . They are our responsibility.

One on One

Live conversations to understand you better and assess the priorities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Counselling ?

    counselling is a way to understand someone and bring them out from the pool of self-doubt. We talk to the person, listen to them, understand the problem area, allow them to express their thoughts and feelings and no one is going to judge them on any basis. This process replaces hesitation with confidence. In Therapy, we use techniques, exercises, and practices to improve thoughts processes and relax their mind.

  • Yes, you can share any problem that is disturbing you, or deteriorating your mental health. you are free to share issues that lead to change in your mood like sadness, frequent anger, relationship, stress. insomnia. You can even come for career counselling, social interaction, personality development, self-esteem, confidence and much more.

  • Yes, we are registered as a company and we have organized various workshops in past and have a team of qualified counsellors and psychiatrists. You can check them from our Instagram You can also give a check to our podcasts on Spotify . And above all, positive responses from the people who took our sessions are one of our authenticity assets.

  • Therapy is like medicine. Just like multiple drugs, multiple therapies are available. If you have headache or body ache, you will be popping pain killer. Similarly, after initial conversation, you will get to know what therapy will be suitable for your problem.

  • We will be talking about your problem and going through plan for next session. You will be discussing therapy and it's pros and cons. We will also be doing quick mood check and assessment if required.

  • Our therapist will discuss all the options in therapy you can opt for. And they will be making you aware about benefits of each one


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